(Solved) Dashboard traffic not consistent with Status > Traffic Graph

  • The title says it all. I was uploading a file over 1GB to our FTP using Filezilla. Filezilla showed the upload speed to be around 5 MB/s. So to convert Megabytes to Megabit, I multiplied by 8 to get around 40 Mb/s. This made sense since that is close to what our upload speed is. I then wanted to confirm this by checking the pfSense dashboard. The dashboard was only reporting around 5 Mb/s (yes Megabits). I then checked the Status > Traffic graph and that was much more consistent with Filezilla and what I was expecting, around 40 Mbps.

    So the question is, why is the dashboard traffic off by about a factor of ten from the Status > traffic graph?
    I tried doing the upload twice to be sure I wasn't crazy (although that's still debatable).
    Am I the only one seeing this?
    I could swear it was always like this, but I never paid much mind to it.

    Screen shots below.

    0_1548342449792_Dashboard traffic.JPG

    Status > Traffic Graph
    0_1548342456513_Traffic Graph.JPG

    System Info
    0_1548342731446_system info.JPG


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    You sure you checked your dashboard widget settings for unit size?


    I just did a speed test and seems to be correct..


    I then did a large download from one of my servers on the net, changed the widget to bytes... And watch what the software was saying the download was, and what the graph shows. And shows pretty accurate values as the download speed moved up and down so did the graph.. How much smoothing do you have enabled in the widget, etc. etc..


  • @johnpoz Ah ha! Switching the dashboard graph Unit size to bits fixed it. So the numbers shown on the dashboard were bytes, but when hovering over the graph it displayed it with a lowercase b. That typically implies bits and not bytes. I didn't realize the setting was actually set to bytes. That's good to know. I'm sure I'll forget this a month from now. Hopefully that setting won't change back to bytes with an update.

    Thanks for the help!


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    Yeah if you hover over it I would agree small b would normally mean bits and not Bytes.. It for sure is a minor cosmetic sort of thing.. But maybe @jimp could fix it up?


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    I don't work much with the traffic graphs. Look through the open Redmine issues and if there isn't one, open it. Just don't set a target or assign it.

    This sounds really familiar, though, so I suspect there may already be an open issue for it.

  • Thanks guys! Yup, this one is already on redmine.

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    I added link to this thread in the redmine.. When there they see validation, etc. and multiple people chiming in and validating can not hurt for attention to the issue.. But since it such a minor issue - really only hope is some other work is done on the widget for something else and at that time fix up the b or B thing.. ;)

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    I submitted a fix if y'all want to test it out once it hits snapshots: https://redmine.pfsense.org/issues/9072

  • @jdillard Thank you! Awesome, that was quick. I have my box set to stable branch. I'll take a look at that in the next stable release.

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