• Hi All,
    Would someone give me some pointers on the following?
    I have two VPN client connections through my VPN provider to two different locations.
    I have set up Aliases for devices that I want on each VPN and aliases for the DNS servers. The connection work great but it seems that the DNS for one VPN is being used for both VPN connections and even my WAN connection. I have created the following port forward rules:


    So what I am getting is the DNS from the DNS_QC for the DNS_NY and the DNS_WAN.
    Even though I am specifying the redirect IPs of the DNS servers in the Aliases, is it possible for each connection to have its own DNS?
    Am I missing a block rule for each so that it does not go into the other? If yes, can you give me an example of how to go about it?
    here is my NAT Outbound rule and they are set to manual:


    Here are my LAN Rules:


    I have the DNS resolver enabled and under network interfaces, I have only the LAN and local host highlighted. Under outgoing network interfaces, I only have the two VPN connections selected. DNSSEC is unchecked as well as enable forward mode.
    Under general set up and DNS server settings, I have no DNS servers defined at all. The only option checked is Do not use the DNS Forwarder/DNS Resolver as a DNS server for the firewall.

    If you can give me some advice and if I what I would like to have done is doable, please let me know.

  • how is the DNS resolver configured?

  • @bcruze
    Hi bcruze - thanks for the reply.
    Do you need a pic of the DNS resolver?
    I have it like I mentioned on my original post.

    Local host is also highlighted in the network interfaces.

    You see here the two VPN interfaces highlighted.
    Nothing else is checked on this page and custom options box is blank.

    On the advanced settings:
    The only options checked are:
    Everything else is set at default values.

    Is this helpful?
    Thanks again!

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