LAN can reach VPN subnet, but PFSense cannot

  • Hi all,

    I've got an OpenVPN client running on PFSense that connects just fine and the firewall route is in place so that any host can reach This works great on any machine on the LAN. I now want to do a Domain Override in the DNS Resolvers section that drives any queries for that domain to 192.168.6.XX.

    These queries fail. I noticed when SSH'd into PFSense, I can't ping 192.168.6.XX, but I can from a machine on the LAN. Any idea what rule is required to allow this?


  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Look at the source address of the queries to the 192.168.6.X DNS server. The other side will need to know how to route back to that.

    Assigning an interface at the 192.168.6.X side might be enough since you'll have the benefit of reply-to there.

    Else you could use outbound NAT on OpenVPN so the DNS queries would look like they came from the tunnel address so replies would work. You would need an assigned interface at the source end for that.

    OP was kind of lacking on details as to exactly what is where so these are somewhat-educated guesses.

  • If your routing and firewall rules allow it, it should just work. There are several variables to account for though, so we need more details.

    • list itemPost your server1.conf and client1.conf.

    • What are you allowing thru the tunnel? Post the firewall rules from the OpenVPN tab on both ends.

    • Is the remote end using PFsense for DNS or something else? (e.g. AD, Infoblox, etc)