Nic down with vlan wan connection

  • I have moved from my watchguard firewall as it only has a throughput of about 180 mbps.

    On the watchguard I have successfully created a vlan 35 on the wan for bell fibre to allow me to eliminate the bell turbo hub 1000.

    My pfSense is virtualized on esxi 6.5

    I have assigned vlan 35 to the port group WAN in Esxi. The port group uses nic4 on my server.

    My static IP address from bell is dynamically assigned.

    I have created a ppoe vlan 35 on the wan nic in pfSense. My account information is programmed for login.

    The nic registered as ao1.35 or something similar and it shows my login name behind it for bell.

    The wan connection is registering as link down.... help!!!

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    You probably want to put the pfSense on its untagged interface (ao1) and let vmware do the tagging. In order to pass vlan tags to the VM interface I'm pretty sure you have to put VLAN 4095 on it in vmware.

    Moving to Virtualization.

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