Accessing Web GUI from bridged virtual WAN interface

  • I have virtual laboratory with following setup:
    Type 2 Hypervisor running on top of host OS which is installed on physical hardware and there is pfSense installed as virtual machine. This instance have two interfaces: first one is bridged with physical LAN and it is assigned as pfSense WAN, and virtual switch connected to pfSense's LAN interface which is also connected to other virtual machines that use this virtual network. So far so good, everything working normally except the fact that I can't connect to pfSense from my physical LAN, which means from virtual WAN interface. Each time I want to access pfSense web administration panel, i have to connect to one virtual machine in my virtual netwrok and then access pfSense using "LAN" address. I tried adding firewall rule to allow accessing web gui from WAN but it still not working. Just to be noted that I also have virtual sophos xg and it works normal, meaning I have no trouble accessing web gui from my physical LAN.


  • LAYER 8 Rebel Alliance

    Interfaces -> WAN
    Disable (uncheck) Block private networks and loopback addresses


  • It works, thank You very much!

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