statgrab showing ierrors

  • I'm seeing lots of ierrors from statgrab for both of my network ports, loopback and the IPv6 gif0 interface.

    codestatgrab | grep ierrors
    net.enc0.ierrors = 0
    net.gif0.ierrors = 408923
    net.igb0.ierrors = 10495932
    net.igb1.ierrors = 1990106
    net.lo0.ierrors = 31504
    net.pflog0.ierrors = 6693
    net.pfsync0.ierrors = 0
    net.wan_stf.ierrors = 106953

    Everything seems to be running just fine but this is showing up in my check_mk services as critical services. I'm curious if this is normal or something needs a bit of tweaking somewhere.

    I just set up this system on a Jetway JBC323U591W, dual Intel i211-AT ports.

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