Throttle Other Extensions doesn't work

  • Hi
    I installed Squid
    Now I'm using traffic mgmt and I set this value for "Squid Traffic Managment Settings" :

    Maximum Download Size : 0
    Maximum Upload Size : 0
    Overall Bandwidth Throttling : 0
    Per-Host Throttling : 100

    And set this value for "Squid Transfer Extension Settings"

    Throttle Only Specific Extensions : Checked
    Throttle Binary Files : Checked
    Throttle CD/DVD Image Files : Checked
    Throttle Multimedia Files : Checked
    Throttle Other Extensions : avi,mov,mpeg,mpg,wmv,rm,wma,wmv,wav,mp3,mp4,swf,flv,pdf,doc,ppt,zip,rar,bz2,gz,bin,exe,msi,7z,nrg,iso,mdf


    When client try to download one file with this extention format ..uses all bandwidth and this setting doesn't have any effect
    but when I unchecked "Squid Transfer Extension Settings" then all cleints use 100 KB/s bandwidth set in "Per-Host Throttling : 100"

    Now why "Squid Transfer Extension Settings" doesn't work ?
    Thanks advance

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