How to use unraid mount tag in pfsense vm

  • I have pfsense running as a VM on unraid. In order to transfer files to it, I would like to mount a directory from the host inside the vm but nothing I've tried works.

    I've tried nfs, smbfs and cifs (all in fstab) but nothing. How can this be done?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I've never seen such a thing work with pfSense and a VM host.

    pfSense doesn't include the binaries to mount smb/cifs, I don't think nfs is there either (client or server).

    Are you trying to copy from the VM host to pfSense, or from pfSense to the VM host? Why not use scp/rsync? The VM host may be able to use ssh as a filesystem, connecting to pfSense. But that wouldn't work the other way.

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