OpenVPN on another server

  • Hi folks,

    I was trying to set up OpenVPN on another server on my LAN.

    I did the correct port forwarding and static rules etc…

    In terms of connecting and pinging, everything works fine, however if I try and do a file transfer(over http), the downloads will barly start!

    I have tried multiple different openvpn servers (windows, linux, physical and virtual) and all of the are doing the same thing.

    The only thing that seems to work 100% is when I use pfsense as my openvpn server (which works very well!)

    Any ideas what could be happening? The only thing that I can see in common here is that pfsense's port forwarding is breaking the openvpn packets going/coming from the server (but this does sound really far fetched doesn't it?)


  • Are you using TCP or UDP for your OpenVPN server?  TCP over TCP has known performance problems.

  • I've tried both - still the same


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