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  • Hello everyone
    I'm wondering how can we use the second authentication method I tried to search for it on the internet but didn't find anything about it, can anybody explain where can we use it and if we can disable it, I only want one authentication method along with the voucher


  • @fadygh said in disable second authentication method:

    I only want one authentication method along with the voucher

    A Voucher is an authentication method.

    So you are saying :

    I only want one authentication method along (another) authentication method.

    If you want to ask voucher codes, build your own 'html' login portal file. See settings page and manual for examples.

  • 1_1548695883306_captive portal2.JPG 0_1548695883306_captive portal1.JPG

    I couldn't find any option to upload custom html file please check the uploaded image

  • You're kidding ?

    And what does this mean to you :



  • custom logo image not html I already uploaded a custom image

  • Rebel Alliance

    You can disable the second authentication method by using Ctrl+Click (Or Command+Click on Mac OS)


    Unselecting all "Secondary authentication servers" in the GUI will result in the "second authentication method" part to disappear in the login page.

    Also, vouchers are not considered as an "authentication server". In order to enable them, you can go to the "voucher" page on your captive portal settings. Here :


    finally, if you want to create a custom captive portal HTML login page, you can tick "Enable to use a custom captive portal login page" in your settings.

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