Openvpn server access client and vice versa

  • I setup an openvpn tunnel according to the tutorial and everything works except….

    the client can access all the computers behind the server of the tunnel BUT the server can not access any of the clients behind the client

    the server can access the pfsense client website but thats it

    anyway to get them to be able to access each other?

    if you need specific settings let me know.

  • There's a forum on OpenVPN and there's a good FAQ/HowTo on the OpenVPN site ;)

    It sounds like you haven't:

    a) Configured the client to route traffic
    b) Configured the server network to be able to know how to route to the client network

    How you do (a) depends on the client's OS.  How you do (b) depends on your network - if the OpenVPN server is also the default gatway and the client network and server network have different IP ranges you should only have to tell the OpenVPN server about the remote network and how to route there.

  • How do you test that you "cannot access the client"?
    Do your firewallrules allow access to the openVPN subnet?
    Are you using any form of AoN?

  • here is how i have it setup

    i followed the guides that were listed above.

    i have a birdge which connects one machine in MA to one machine in IN

    the MA is the host server, while the IN is the client

    on the IN network I can access all machines in the MA network.

    in the MA network I can only access the pfsense machine in IN.

    that is where i am having a problem.  Is it a firewall rule issue?

    do you need me to list the actual configuration?

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