after setting up open vpn wifi internet connectivity gets lost

  • everytime I start from scratch I get wifi set up and working then do the 20 minuet pain staking process of setting up open vpn and getting it running just to have wifi internet connectivity stop. I had to skip the bridging step because upon bridging the wifi with lan because the connection drops and restarts at every data initation. I know pfsense doesn't do wifi well but something tells me this is a setting issue that can be resolved simply. I would like wifi working from pfsense till I can get an ap to plug into my switch. (which im hesitant to try that as using my older netgear routers as an ap and a switch causes the router to try and establish itself as the gateway and conflicts with pfsense even with dhcp disabled on the netgear or assigning it a static ip it seems. the only way around this is to shutdown the router using tomato in which it just becomes a switch without wifi) my guess is its something in outbound nat settings that needs to be setup as theres nothing popping up on the firewall logs. I can connect to wifi just without internet. im betting i need to tell pfsense to send wifi traffic through the vpn interface somehow im just not sure how.

    edit just had to change the source network on the nord interface to any instead of lan working now after several hours of trouble shooting.

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