Squid proxy usefulness ?

  • After configuring squid proxy Play Station Vue, Netflix, Arlo Videos Cameras stopped working.

    So two questions:

    How to address problems with Play Station Vue, Netflix, Arlo Videos Cameras

    Overall wonder about usefulness vs problems it creates.

  • IMO squid is only useful these days as a base for squidguard URL filtering. If you don't need that then squid will cause more problems than it solves.

  • @kom

    Good to know we share similar sentiment.

    I wanted to use it to replace Nginx reverse proxy, but have doubts now.

    Why do you need url filtering if you could use pfBlockerNG ?

  • Similar experience.... I wanted to use Squid as a caching proxy but after using a few days realised my hit rate for http was in the order of 1-2% of traffic only. I toyed with HTTPS as well, but found it added issues and the additional complications that just weren't worth it for me. Your experience may vary of course....

  • Same experience as you guys. Used it for caching and ClamAV. It was a false sense of security at best since it could only scan ~ 1% of traffic. So even if it was a 100% effective AV, it was still mostly useless. No point in adding complexity so I no longer use squid.

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