Wpad only works if suffix domain exist in clients

  • Hi all.
    I got wpad to work for me, but only if in the advanced options of my windows clients I configure the domain suffix, that is, my server is called "proxy.domain.local", the host overrides for wpad is "wpad.domain. local "and in my client windows the suffix" domain.local ".
    To say that my windows clients are in a network of work (not domain) and simply use proxy to navigate and block web pages.
    Is it possible to avoid this? In all the tutorials that I have found there is no mention of this except for a comment in a post by Bellera.

    Thank you.

  • WPAD requires the use of a domain so it can sue DNS to locate the server that has the wpad config file. If you aren't pushing one to your clients via dhcp then you would have to set it manually.

  • All clients use static IP addreses. I use dhcp only for wireless clients.

  • Then you must set a local domain manually as well.

    The way WPAD works is that the client will do a DNS lookup for wpad.yourdomain.blah. The client then asks the server at the IP address for wpad.yourdomain.blah for its wpad.dat, wpad.da or proxy.pac file. The client then parses the requested WPAD config file to know where the proxy is and when to use it.

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