Help with OpenDNS Captive Portal and Vlans

  • Hello everyone, please I need help about a thing in my work, we use a OpenDNS service for filtering some web sites, but we need use now some vlans under portal captive every one and three different OpenDNS Accounts whit different filtering using three different ip public adress.
    We use three different services of ethernet whit balance avery one whit a ip public adress every one, this works well.
    The problem is we don't know how apply the DNS of this Service in the every Vlan for use every filtering.
    We know of Captive portal must work with pfsense like dns primary.
    For that some idea for this mision?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Going to need a better picture. Too much guessing about how things are configured.

    What are the different hosts behind the captive portal given as DNS servers to use?

    How is that DNS server configured if it is one you manage?

    You have 3 WAN interfaces in load balance?

    Are you policy routing all traffic from the captive portal hosts to the same load balance group?

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