pfSense on Watchguard M370

  • Hi everyone,

    I recently bought a Watchguard M370 with the intention of repurposing the box to run pfSense. Just wanted to let the community know that pfSense can be easily installed on a Watchguard M370, via mSATA, and with all interfaces operational. Even the front panel soft power switch halts and boots pfSense, which is nice. And the fans are reasonably quiet, although the could be quieter. The BIOS is password protected, though, so I cannot make any BIOS adjustments to the fans. The motherboard is a Lanner NCB-WG4210. If anyone knows how to unlock this BIOS, please let me know. I already tried removing the battery, the CMOS reset jumper procedure, and all the AMI BIOS passwords that I could find. The BIOS only allows for 3 tries then requires a reboot.


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    If it's anything like their other devices of the same era the password is hardcoded and non-removable (in any way that I found).
    You can probably export the bios, edit the default values and reflash it. I've done that but it's not without risk.
    You could also try to use the default Lanner BIOS if you can get that.

    Got any internal photos?


  • I tried to post a photo of the internals but the file size was too large.

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    The maximum attachment size is 2MB so you might need to resize the image first.


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  • 0_1551402532775_Watchguad_M370_internals.jpg

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    mSATA, they finally moved off CF then. Nice.

    There are some big differences to the NCA-4210 which I assume it's based on. Interesting.

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