OpenVPN to internal sites

  • I have a very new setup and installation of openvpn. It all works great when I VPN into my network. The issue is I can reach my plex server via the IP address x.x.x.x:32400 however for some reason no other internal websites work (I can reach external when VPN in). Such as tautulli x.x.x.x:8181 or transmission x.x.x.x:9091. I even can not reach my nas website x.x.x.x:5556 (completly different IP internally than tautulli) I have search all over but can figure out why. Any ideas??? Thanks!

  • Hi @pfsmooth ,

    If these addresses are all internal, why redact them? It only prevents observers from being able to accurately assess your configuration. What do your firewall rules look like on the OpenVPN interface? If you are trying to reach multiple LANs from VPN client, are all of the networks you are trying to access listed in the Local Networks field under the OpenVPN server instance? Or do you have the setting "Redirect IPv4 Gateway" enabled?

    The more information you can provide, including the unredacted internal addresses of the devices involved, the better it will help others be able to understand and provide suggestions to resolve your problem.

    Thank you,


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