• I installed the pfbng and first set using the wizard. Then, I enable DNSBL Categories using Shallalist and enabling porno. I can see rules in each Vlan, the Shalla-porno.txt file is there, the option TDL was selected but nothing is being blocked. Maybe I am forgetting something? I tried Universite de Toulouse with same results, nothing is blocked.
    Thank you

  • Inspect pfblockerng.log to see what is done.

  • Thank you, that was the first thing I did but nothing wrong there. No errors when reload either. I really lost. If I load Shallalist in DNSBL feed it works but I can't control each category, that why I wanted to block using DNSBL categories.

  • Well maybe if you post it here we could tell you more about what's happenning.

  • @cdls said in pfBlockerNG-devel:

    but nothing is being blocked

    What version of pfSense ? pfblockerNG ?

    So no alerts in the Report tab?

    Did you run a Force Update? Force Reload All?

    Did you test using the pfSense Diagnostics / DNS Lookup ?

    Are you using the Resolver ?

    Are the devices on the LAN using the pfSense Resolver service?

    Can you open one of the Blocked Domains from Shallalist in a Browser ? You should normally see a web page with this message :

    This website [  blocked.domain  ] has been blocked by the Network Administrator!

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    @cdls make sure that you are on version 2.2.5_21 as there was a fix for Category Blacklists.

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