OpenVPN + Duo - Suspend Issues

  • Ok, so I have a customer that is using OpenVPN with Duo for multi-factor VPN. For the most part it works perfectly except for one issue. If a user is connected, and they close the lid on their laptop forcing a suspend then when it resumes OpenVPN will try to send login requests. This causes an issue because if they don't accept the Duo push on their device, it locks them out. There are obvious solutions to this, like disconnect your VPN before suspend, have your phone on you, so you can accept the push when you boot up your laptop, etc... but I was wondering if there is a command I can pass to the OpenVPN client that can prevent this. I'm already using "auth-nocache" which helps if there is a disconnect, but the OpenVPN client still tries to authenticate if it comes back from a suspend to disk. Thanks for any help.