Connecting From LAN to VPN Clients

  • I have a number of offsite devices that can connect to the VPN without problems (Tun)

    They each get an address from the pool

    My lan has the pool

    My remote devices and see the LAN network without any problems.

    On occasion we need to change the devices configuration done via a web browser.

    If we ping the VPN Client we get no route to host.
    But the VPN Client can ping us.

    Basically VPN to Lan is good.
    LAN to VPN is bad.

    I’m thinking I need a outbound nat route.
    This is new to me and I know just enough to be dangerous

  • LAYER 8 Rebel Alliance

    No you don't need any NAT.
    Show your config, routing table and firewall rules.
    Your LAN devices use pfSense as gateway?


  • Routing table is empty.
    I’ll try and grab some screenshot.
    Config and firewall is just from the wizard.