When PPP redial attempts stops....How to redial automatically

  • Hi, i am running pfSense with 2 Huawei ME909s-821 LTE modems. So there are two PPP connections, ppp0, and ppp1. At times, it was observed that when ppp connection doesn't connect (IPCP: not converging, LCP: state change Closed --> Initial), it does not make any redial attempts. I understand that this problem could be due to low signal, or from carrier..etc. But how do i ensure that redial attempts does not stops at all.
    Is there any elegant mechanism or cron which can sense the down PPP connection and give a start to that again. /etc/rc.reload_interfaces do the things but i rest all the interfaces. How it can be achieved that only down PPP connection gets a reload, not the other PPP connection which is running up.

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