Cannot Backup XML Configuration

  • With Chrome or Free Download Manager, backing up pfSense from the Diagnostic menu does not work. It tries to save either an .html or .php file instead of the .XML file.
    The resulting files sizes are also way too small to be valid backups, as the actual XML backup file is close to 4MB.
    This does however work in Microsoft Edge and properly save a valid XML backup file.
    Anyone seen this before?
    Any ideas?

  • Developer Netgate

    Both Chrome and Opera work as expected for me.

  • Rebel Alliance Netgate Administrator

    I would look into plugs on the local machines; we know it works. The few times we have seen issues, there was a plugin or other add -on that was interfering with the download.

  • Thanks everyone!
    I only have about a dozen extensions in Chrome, so I went through each one and disabled them until I found the culprit: Free Download Manager. ☹
    That one used to work...
    So I've disabled that extension for pfSense and everything is happy now.
    I'll trundle over to FDM forum and post a bug report there.
    Thanks again!

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