too low traffic in ntopng

  • Hi!

    Just out of curiosity I wanted to know, what happens in my network at home, for example which Netflix-Traffic is going through the network.

    I have installed ntopng on the box, but the traffic is not matching up. If I am watching 4k on Netflix I would expecting 15 Mbit/s but I get 3 Mbit/s or something like that.

    Are there any mo

  • Hi!

    Is this something someone could acknowledge or deny?


  • The first thing that comes to mind is the that netflix uses a playback buffer. So if it builds up enough packets it won't need to use as much bandwidth to have enough frames to playback on the tv.

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    Yeah expecting netflix to be Xmbps is not really a good test... What does your traffic graph show in real time, and then what does ntop report?

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    Agree, I was forced to use Netflix via LTE in Germany at one point as the WiFi on site was so bad and accidentally startet a 4k stream. Wasn't so bad at all, as compression, codecs, audio etc. all have to come together to get you to ~15Mbps. If it's a fairly good codec and the pictures are good to compress I'd guess with stereo or a reduced audio band you can get it done with around 3-5Mbps. Add in caching etc. and you won't get near the expected numbers :)

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