pfBlockerNG not blocking URLs from feed list

  • Hello, New to pfSense, coming from a smoothwall/dansguardian setup.
    Goal is webfiltering for adult content and other annoyances.

    I had pfBlockerNG working but I broke it and need help.

    Fresh install of pfSense, Installed pfBlockerNG. I've added the lists from piehole and Steve's black lists. Per lawson systems tutorial on youtube. ( )

    Initially sites were being blocked, but I was over zealous with adding lists. I removed and updated some lists and now nothing is being blocked. I also was trying to add openDNS ip's to the system's DNS.

    In addition I need to add a few additional urls that are not on the above public lists.

    Current problem: Now sites are not being blocked at all.

    Where do I begin my troubleshooting or any better tutorials to verify my setup?

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    See this tutorial:

    Also to wildcard block domains, you will need to enable the TLD feature so that all sub-domains are blocked.

  • Thank you so much for the link. This worked.

    I've enabled the ad/malware lists from the tutorial and added Steve's Black Lists for adult content. I was also able to add the easy lists.

    Unfortunately I quickly found that some common URL's are note on these lists. I am going to open a new thread trying to get OpenDNS working as another layer. Unfortunately I've found that if I follow a setup for open DNS it breaks the platform.

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