v2.4.4_p2 Log puts tracker number instead of description

  • I have noticed, after making a change to the rules and saving. A couple of rules show in the logs with the tracker number, instead of the description which previously all rules showed as. is this a bug, or file corruption maybe? The rule has a description.

  • It is a bug. If I turn logging on for the rule, it displays the description. If i turn logging off for the rule, it still appears in the log, but with the tracker number.

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    And what is the tracking number of these rules? Just because you tell a rule not to be logged, after it logged doesn't mean it wont be int he log - since you told it to log.. .So yeah that entry is now in the log. But if doesn't match to rule with description it will just show the ID.

    If the tracking number of the rule changes then it can not match up to a desc..

  • I guess you misunderstood.

    1. created a pass rule with logging enabled. (logs shows passes with the rule description in the log: "rule" i.e. action = tick, int = lan, rule = pass HTTP
    2. edit rule disable logging. log still shows the rule being passed, only this time
      log: "rule" i.e. action = tick, int = lan, rule = Tracking ID "1549571900" * just shows the number

    ** i.e. it is the TrackingID of the rule where logging has been disabled

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    If you tell it not to log, why should it go look for the desc of the rule? It was logged - so it is in the log.

    WAD! Put in a feature request for it to check for the desc of rule(s), that are set to not log.

    Why is this an issue?

    This is what you mean - I have a rule that I call clean block, it only logs tcp SYN to my wan..


    if I then set it to not log, its still in the log!!! But it doesn't go and check the desc so its just the ID.. How is this a problem or a bug?

  • @johnpoz hmm....yes... cleared the log, and double checked.
    stopped logging, but for old entries, it switched the rule description -> tracker id.
    don't think that makes any sense.
    If one wants to look back in the log, it makes it some what difficult to then relate the rule (even if future logging has been turned off)

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    see my edit! you want it to go check for stuff in the log that might no longer exist? If you deleted the rule all together there would be nothing for it to pull the desc from.

    But the log entry exist already.. I am not understanding your concern here..

  • yes, the log entry still exists, but why not keep it user friendly and refer to the description. obviously new entries wont be written. but no reason to turn previous friendly text into numbers

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    And if you don't want to log it who says its still there... Put in a feature request if you want it to put the desc on old log entries that are no longer set to log ;) No future entries will be put in, etc.

    What if you edited the rule and its ID changed, how would it find the OLD Desc, etc. What if you change the desc, etc.

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