Need help setting two WAN IPs to HAProxy

  • Hello everyone.
    I need assistance as I am not really understanding what's going on and not being able to find for information mostly because I don't know where to start.
    So the issue is that the office moved to a new location and we got new IPs.
    Adding to it, we moved as well from two providers to just one.
    On the configurations of the firewall there were settings to allow the scenario that two different IP sources on two different interfaces would route to different traffic inside the network.
    What I am trying to accomplish is to have two different external IP addresses from our provider to receive traffic.
    Let's call it 217 and 218 IPs.
    I am adding the 217 as the main IP, but I want the 218 to be used for some specific apps.
    The way I see it is to add the 218 IP as a virtual IP, change the connector for the specific apps on HAProxy to receive from the 218 IP and also add a rule on the firewall tab to allow traffic on the 217 interface to the 218 IP.
    Obviously this is not working, hence I am here asking for help.
    With this setup, I can get ping responses from the 218, but other traffic is not getting to where it is supposed to. Something is blocking it and I am not really understanding where.

    Questions on my mind are, what am I thinking wrong, and what else could be required.

  • Turns out my logic was correct, I was just mistaken on the settings for the firewall rule.
    All traffic from outside to the VIP from all protocols and it is now working.

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