pfsense squid not connecting through an upstream proxy

  • Hi everyone ... i'm quite new using pfsense so excuse my ignorance ... i have this issue ... i installed pfsense 2.4.4_2 and configured a upstream proxy for the package install ... i was able to install squid .. i configured squid very simply i have three interfaces DMZ LAN WAN .. i selected LAN ... no ssl no transparent ... just LAN interface and 3128 port ... i cant connect to internet ... i review the logs and say TCP_MISS and TCP_aborted ... so i guess that the proxy can not access internet ... in normal squid this can be achieve by the cache_peer command ... here i thought that it would use pfsense upstream proxy wich is working fine ... i also have installed HAproxy for reverse proxy task ... i know that can be done with squid also ... but this squid is just a test i want to do to enable MITM ssl interception ... but i can not get to that if with easiest config it does not work ... pls help ... excuse my english. thanks to all in advance

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