OpenVPN special case

  • Hi all,

    I've been cracking my head on what looked at a simple problem, and hope some of you will be able to help.

    Here is the context : I'm used to play with pfSense on different platforms (computers, high-end computers, soekris, etc…) and pleased with OpenVPN in RoadWarrior configuration, which is always working well.
    But this time, I've a special case. One of my offices only needs an OpenVPN access. So I ended in a small soekris net4801-48 for the price and pfSense because (as I said) I'm used to do it well with it. This very small office doesn't need firewall capabilities, and needs to keep his modem as DHCP server (because of current LAN and WiFi connections). Here is the scheme :

    | MODEM
    (LAN and WiFi capable)
    DHCP to this office computers (through LAN and WiFi) | |
    –(ethernet cable)-- | | (WAN) pfSense (LAN) | |
    –(ethernet cable)-- | | A single server
    IP taken from pfSense LAN DHCP |

    From here, with OpenVPN RoadWarrior configuration, it's easy to access the "single-server" from anywhere (DMZ configured in modem to pfSense), and this is working well.

    But, and here is the question : how can I access this single server from the "modem lan"?
    OpenVPN RoadWarrior from the same "WAN" ip has never worked for me (this exact case, OpenVPN connection from LAN or WiFi modem connected computers), but I'm sure there is a more convenient way to do that!

    I do thank you for your reading, and hope some answers.

  • I'm not sure what you're trying to do (your choice of white font for the network diagram doesn't help ;) ).  Why don't you just configure the LAN hosts to use the DMZ IP address to access the server?  I can't see why you're using OpenVPN when the network between the hosts appears to be trusted.

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