Amazon FireTV and Pfsense' ARP Table

  • Hello, I am new to pfsense. I have a problem with Amazon Fire TV and I have nailed it down to the ARP Table, whenever the timer in status reaches ZERO from XXXXseconds, whatever that I am viewing on Fire TV (netflix or prime) freezes and disconnects with an error. is there a possibility that I can set the timer to infinite or "permenant" in an effort to stop this from happening as it is soo annoying. The only way to initiate timer is to restart the Amazon FIre TV. I have not touched the firewall and all settings are default.0_1550617765803_Fire TV ARP.PNG

  • What that timer is about is the time since the last successful ARP request. If everything else on the LAN is OK, I'd say the problem is with that TV.

  • Thanks for the reply. I have managed to fix it as I have noticed the problem also on my LG TV Netflix. it was due to wifi channel was set to ht40. Amazon fire TV 2 does not like ht40 over 2.4GHZ. I have changed it to ht20 and it has been working fine.