Noob question.. VPN client behind pfSense can't get to internet

  • So I'm new to pfSense and have only a basic knowledge of acl's and nat rules, please bare with me.

    I have a linux pc on my home network that I connect to a VPN with occassionally, to do.. things. Its NordVPN using openvpn udp, if that matters. Since installing pfSense as my main router, this VPN stopped working. It connects fine, but once connected I can't get to any websites. Can't ping either. I have a feeling its a NAT or ACL rule but I'm not sure.

    Home network is, and this particular VPN is assigning a to the tun0 interface on the linux PC.

  • pfSense is only capable to allow the VPN or to prohibit it. If the tunnel is established from a PC behind it, you have already a hole through the firewall and it can't restrict traffic.

    Since you can not ping the IP as you say, it should not be a DNS issue.
    What are the routes on the PC when the tunnel is up?

  • I cannot ping, I’m wondering if it’s an issue with that particular server or something. I’ll try on another PC with a different server. I’m not sure the routes I’ll check.

  • Update - it works from a different PC, so now I know its a problem with this linux machine.

    The route command comes back with nothing... but netstat -rn output looks good. I'm going to re-do this machine I think.