pfblocker not working for every site in a list

  • I've got PFB working but some some sites don't seemed to get blocked. I have a list but powermaxph does get blocked (1x1) but powaywelding doesn't - I get a google 'Deceptive site ahead' warning instead. I tried list action deny both, inbound and outbound but it makes no difference ?. I can't list the site as my post gets blocked as spam

  • @randombits it sounds like either you are trying to reach one of those sites via https (where you may get a certificate error) or you have a DNSBL feed in your IP feeds list.

    Check without https, and use nslookup to see if it the client is directed to your pfBlocker virtual IP.

  • One is https - with the cert error, but nslookup shows everything is working ok - thanks. I was thinking Chrome was looking at it's list first before it gets to PFB. I don't have anything in the IPv4 list. How your can tell the difference between lists and feeds come to that ? - I guess one has site domains and the other IP's ...