openvpn site-to-site between netgate appliance to azure pfsense instance

  • hello and thanks for reading this.
    I have a netgate sg-1110 to be the openvpn server and an pfsense in azure cloud.
    I cannot make a site-to-site.
    I want the netgate applicance to be the server and the pfsense in azure as the client side.
    I noticed that the azure instance has only one interface, a wan interface with the private ipaddress as assigned by azure and I think that might a problem.
    has anybody setup a openvpn as such?
    thanks much,

  • @asdffdsa6131 I figured it out myself, I would delete these posts but I cannot.
    thanks to anyone who read this

  • What was it? If you can let us know it will help people out in the future.

  • hi chris,
    I am new to linux and pfsense so I fumbled around but then I found the status->systems.logs and noticed this
    "Bad compression stub (swap) decompression header byte: 42 "
    so I changed the compression on the openvpn client to match the openvpn server and shazaam, it worked.

    now I have a new problem.
    from the server/negate.sg110 web interface I can ping virtual computers behind the azure.pfsense
    from the azure.pfsense.client web interface, I can ping physical computers behind my netgate sg1110.
    I cannot ping from a physical computer behind my netgate to a virtual computer behind the azure pfsense
    I cannot ping from a virtual computer behind azure pfsense to a physical computer behind my netgate.sg1110

    I thought that since I had added the correct "IPv4 Remote network" on the server and client, that I should be able to ping from computer to computer.

    do I need a add a manual route somehow and if so, how might I do that?
    or what do you suggest?

    thanks very much,