How can I create a "User" using the command line?

  • I teach courses where I can have 80-100 students. I want to give each one of them VPN access while maintaining a record of who logs in to the VPN. Thus, I need a unique username/password for each user. I'm interested in writing a script that can generate, say, 100 users.

    P.S: I know someone will say why don't you want to use the Web GUI. The answer is: I will add 100 users then remove them then add another 100 users then remove them and so on. The GUI is not the right option for me.

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    Use RADIUS for that, not the pfSense user manager.

    And not necessarily the pfSense FreeRADIUS package, but a separate RADIUS server. You could load your users in easily in most cases with RADIUS. OpenLDAP may also work for auth but tends to be more complicated to setup.

  • @jimp Thanks for the advice. I don't know how to implement the solution you proposed. If you have a link to a good tutorial I'll be thankful.

  • Are you using IPsec or OpenVPN?

  • @nogbadthebad OpenVPN

  • @nogbadthebad It seems that I will still have to enter the username/password for every user through the GUI. Do you have a command that you used to create users through the cli after setting up the RADIUS as mentioned in the link you sent?

  • I'd be tempted to create student001 to student100.

    You may be able to get clever and create student001 via the GUI, do a backup and take a text editor to the XML file to create the other 99 accounts.

    				<varusersreplyitemsadditionaloptions>Class := &quot;admins&quot;</varusersreplyitemsadditionaloptions>

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