• Netgate

    Here’s what you need to start your TNSR experience:

    Documentation - All things TNSR; from the basics to advanced implementation and configuration recipes.

    • Supported Hardware - If you’ll be installing TNSR in a VM or on your own hardware, this material will speed you on your way to the most compatible hardware for running TNSR.

    • Installing TNSR - Simple, step-by-step instructions to get you up and running quickly.

    • TNSR Zero-to-Ping - This document is a crash course in getting TNSR up and running quickly after installation.

    • TNSR Basics - Once you have TNSR installed, this guide will familiarize you with the TNSR command line and introduce you to TNSR fundamentals.

    • TNSR API - For advanced users, TNSR’s API can be used to automate routine tasks, manage multiple TNSR instances simultaneously, or create services that work in seamless conjunction with TNSR.

    • TNSR 19.02 Release Notes

    Netgate Technical Assistance FAQ and Support Portal - Whether you already have a TNSR Support subscription or you’d like to sign up for one, Netgate’s award-winning 24/7 Technical Assistance Center is here to help.