pfBlockerNG logs

  • Hello,
    I need format of pfBlockerNG-devel logs from folder /var/log/pfblockerng (dnsbl.log, ip_block.log,..).
    Does anybody know where is possible to find? I searched the web and didn't find them.
    Logs is almost fairly clear but I want to clarify!
    Thanks in advance!

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    Those are normal text files, just take a look at their contents.

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    IP Log format:

    Date Timestamp,Tracker ID,Interface,Interface Name,Action,IP Version,Protocol ID,Protocol,SRC IP,DST IP,SRC Port,DST Port Direction,GeoIP,Aliasname,IP evaluated,Feed Name,Resolved Hostname,Client Hostname,ASN,Duplicate event (+/-) status

    DNSBL Log format:

    DNSBL type,Date Timestamp,Blocked domain,SRC IP,URL/Referer/URI/Agent String,DNSBL Block type,DNSBL Groupname,Evaluated Domain/TLD,Feedname,Duplicate event (+/-) status

  • Thanks BBcan177!

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