pfsense on a VM vmware workstation - noob

  • Hi,
    setup. Windows 10 desktop running vmware workstation. 1 pfsense VM. 1 NIC bridged.

    I would like to be able to run 1 or 2 devices through the VPN.

    all my machines are given 192.168.1.x address by the ISP router. g/w

    my pfsense is set to static any vpn clients will be 1.51 and 1.52.....

    the client has an ip address of adn the g/w points to 1.50
    I think I have pfsense setup but when I test one client it doesnt seem to go out into the internet. Can anyone help. This stuff just bamboozles me so sure its something simple.

    couple of screenshots to show some of my setup. If you need anymore screenshots let me know.

  • Do your WAN firewall rules allow the access?
    Please post the rule set if you're unsure. You can also insert images here on the board.

  • This is so frustrating. After I left it - I came back and couldn't get on the web interface. I had to disable the IPVN LAN interface. Will try and get it as before and post the rules.

  • Do have configured pfSense via LAN interface and disabled it after?
    If so, that wasn't a good idea, as long as you haven't configured the WAN interface for accessing the firewall before.
    You will have to set rules on WAN to allow the access for the clients and for management.

    In addition there is also a rule on WAN by default which blocks any access from private networks. It's set in the WAN interface settings.

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