Dual ExpressVPN failover - routing broken

  • I am using two ExpressVPN nodes in a gateway down fail-over mode, routing all my traffic over the VPN with exceptions going over the WAN. This config was working under 2.4.2 and 2.4.3 but since 2.4.4 has stopped working.

    I have established;

    • forcing one the gateway's down from router menu does not fix the problem
    • disabling one of the clients solves the issue

    With a single client VPN,

    • it is possible to simply change the specified gateway for the rule and traffic happily switches between WAN and VPN.
    • all functions and programs work.
    • all clients android, windows, etc function correctly

    With dual VPN clients,

    • routing correctly passes through the specified gateway, or the correct gateway pool with tracert
    • http/s both work for normal browsing.
    • there are intermittent problems with pop/smtp connections to google
    • ubuntu and debian linux updates are not reachable for local servers and work with default servers at significantly reduced bandwidth ** interestingly some sites in the list resolve, others appear not to **

    The server uses the following push values

    PUSH: Received control message: 'PUSH_REPLY,redirect-gateway def1,dhcp-option DNS,comp-lzo no,route,topology net30,ping 10,ping-restart 60,ifconfig,peer-id 11'

    Custom options i have used are:

    pull-filter ignore "dhcp-option DNS "; /* required remove push errors in log */
    pull-filter ignore "route ";  /* required remove push errors in log */
    pull-filter ignore "redirect-gateway ";  /* required remove push errors in log */
    pull-filter ignore "topology net30";  
    resolv-retry infinite;
    verify-x509-name Server name-prefix;
    remote-cert-tls server;
    key-direction 1;
    route-method exe;
    route-delay 2;
    tun-mtu 1500;
    fragment 1300;
    mssfix 1450;

    don't pull routes = checked
    don't add routes = unchecked
    UDP fast I/O = checked

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