How to encode a gif file to replace the base_64 image.

  • I'm quite new to pfsense but would want to replace the default base_64 image that comes with pfblockerng. Could anyone assist me on how to encode a gif image to replace the 1 x 1 image?

  • Thanks a lot but could you help with the settings on the page?
    I used all default settings there and had an error having pasted the code inside the index file. I actually commented out the default line of code ...
    //echo base64_decode('R0lGODlhAQABAJAAAP8AAAAAACH5BAUQAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAICBAEAOw=='); and replaced it with the one I generated from the link you gave me but it did not work. Are there any particular settings I should use?

  • I downloaded the 1x1 Gif, uploaded the file in the Encode files into Base64 format section, select UTF8, hit >Encode<, I got the same result as the one in the index file.