New Install - Missing return TCP traffic to LAN

  • It is likely I made a dumb config to bring this problem onto myself. But I don't know what I don't know.

    The allow rules don't seem to take effect as expected. I have a new installation with a WAN and LAN configured. However, the default anti-lockout rule does not allow SSH. But allows 443. If I disable the firewall, then it works. It's not a problem with the rule, because it is a built-in rule. There is some other problem. I request assistance to help troubleshoot.

    Related, I have similar problems allowing LAN traffic to the WAN. Even though it is enabled by default.

    My instance is a VM on KVM. One virtIO for LAN. One virtIO for WAN. Both use mactap Bridge to use the physical host NIC.

    Please advise what config / logs / testing would help troubleshoot this problem.

  • SSH is not enabled by default. You have to enable it via WebGUI. Post screenshots of your WAN and LAN config plus firewall rules. Make sure yo obscure any public details.

  • 0_1551751221335_Screenshot from 2019-03-04 19-50-53.png
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    0_1551751248086_Screenshot from 2019-03-04 19-51-21.png

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    Dude you can not have your wan and lan in the same network - so yeah no shit nothing is going to work!

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