Pfsense Azure - Internet by WAN and not by Azure

  • I installed Pfsense on Azure from a VHD disk that i have uploaded.

    There is 1 network :
    There are 2 subnets : (WAN Interface) and (LAN Interfaces).
    On my Pfsense, i have 2 network interfaces : and

    I have some Windows servers behind my Pfsense. I want that theeses servers go to internet passing by Pfsense.

    By default, Azure have a route to go directly on Internet. To change it, i created a "Route Table" on Azure.
    I configured this route :

    Adress prefix :
    Next hop adress :

    With an ICMP rule, i can ping Google from WAN but not from LAN.

    Please, is anyone have an idea to help me ?

  • Similar issue here. Have you managed to make it work?

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