Basic olsr config

  • I missing some of the most basic info for configuring pfSense to use olsr.

    Should all the radios be set to ad hoc?

    If not, should all the radios be configured to be APs?

    or does olsrd switch the radio's mode between AP and station as needed?

    or does olsrd only generate the routing tables.

    I understand all the radios need to be on the same channel.  Same SSID?

    Does olsr share connected routes?  e.g. will it announce a route to the network attached to the LAN port?

    Do I need to activate olsr on the LAN port? Or is this only interesting if there are other routers on the LAN?

    Will olsr share static routes?

    Thanks for your time.

  • olsr is a protocol for sharing dynamic routing info
    all wirelles cards you have to put in ad hoc mode and use the same sidd and channel
    so that there a backbone is forming

    olsr will send out info frames so now and then
    by with the ather nodes will find there neabors and the how good that rout is and to with nodes that node has access

    routes you can enter in the hma of olsr and will then be shaerd on the olsrd mesh
    with his you enter only the local routes of a olsr node on iets node
    this info will be send out bij the olsr protocol every so manny seconds
    olso route info fron other nodes that it haerd will be send so that there can form a route

    if a route or node disapeers that on the holle olsrd mesh it will be gone in a few seconds
    and a new route will be found if posebole

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