HAProxy devel Multithreading

  • Dear All,

    The HAProxy devel package includes the option to set threads in order to provide more CPU capacity to HAProxy. That option does come with a substantial warning message.

    Would anyone be so kind to share experience in this field? Relevant aspects should include ACL and SSL offloading. Does HAProxy really not work upon setting a few threads (e. g., 4 on more powerful 8-12 core CPUs)? Are there other real downsides, such as crashes of HAProxy or the OS or the like?


    Michael Schefczyk

  • @michaelschefczyk
    Recently (26-1-2019) haproxy itself removed the warning from their docs, the package on pfSense should get a little update to remove that warning as well..

    "It was mentioned when releasing 1.8 but early bugs have long been

    Afaik there are no issues anymore.. (Which in the early days used to included haproxy crashes and hangs spinning at 100% cpu usage of a core..)

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