Impossibile to open pfsense forum when using OpenVpn on pfsense

  • Hello all, this is my first post and I am here to ask for some help hoping that someone will kindly help me.
    So, long story short, i was able to install pfsense, and seti it up to use AIRVPN.
    My current hardware is rhe following:
    Isp modem. router - > pfsense pc (i5, 8gb ram) - > DD-WRT Router - > wired nas, wired pc, and wireless connection

    Everything work perfectly except for i cannot access when using the VPN connection (any other site is reacheable)
    The site works fine if I connect directly to the ISP router bypassing pfsense and the openvpn connection

    I checked with AIRVPN and confirmed that the DNS i am using correctly resolves the IP address of the site.
    Pfsense diagnostic correctly track and resolve the forum site address.

    Wondering if anyone might have an idea about what's wrong.

    Thank you

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  • Hello.
    Thank you very much.
    Let me see if I got it right..
    The forum is blocked because i am redirecting all my traffic viabAirVPN and i should create a bypass rule?
    If that's the thing, how I do that?
    I was able to setup my system following guides butnI might lack a lot of theory... About advanced networking i am a newbie.
    Thank you

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