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  • Ive been trying to port forward minecraft servers throughout the years and was never successful. I thought it may be because my isp was blocking ports. I have called my ISP and they dont block any ports. I have followed multiple forums on this site and none have really had answers. I will attach my config and hopefully someone will be able to tell me what is wrong.alt text alt text alt text

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    https://docs.netgate.com/pfsense/en/latest/nat/port-forward-troubleshooting.html follow every step and you'll find where the problem is.

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    What config? I don't see any config.

    I have been here like 10 years.. I do not think I have seen 10 some years a post that was not PEBKAC for a port forward problem.

    The info linked too will help you find out where the issue is in like 30 seconds. 2 minutes if mentally challenged for some reason.. On your 12 beer for example ;)

    So minecraft is port what 25565 tcp... So unless you changed your minecraft servers port? Do the port forward.. Sniff on wan - should see it, sniff on lan should see it sent to your minecraft IP.. If you do but no answer then its elsewhere other than pfsense.

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