Traffic Totals package and vnstat 2.0

  • Fed 27th, shutdown for move, 4 days later brought everything back up and noticed 2 days ago traffic monitoring was broken. Database got corrupt. Attempted to rebuild/new database.

    vnstat from the CLI is showing data

    web page is telling me no data avail, its been 3 days now.

    What do i need to look for? ideas?


  • looks like when this package is installed is pulling vnstat 2.0, its designed for the older vnstat and this ver is not compatible with current web interface. not sure where to even start to update to get it working again.


  • ok, this package is broken, it needs to force vnstat version 1.15 and not the latest or needs major update

    manually installing 1.15 on top of 2.x, and use the cron package to add the -u every 5 min, its now working again

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That could only happen if you are on a 2.4.5 snapshot, which is a development snapshot.

    vnstat 1.15 is available on pfSense 2.4.4-p2.

    I opened a ticket to get it updated:

    Since it's only broken on development snapshots, it's not a priority, but it should be fixed before the next release.

  • @jimp Weird, I have been on 2.4.5 since it started and never had this problem until I shut everything down when I moved


  • LAYER 8 Moderator

    @MyKroFt Did you read the announcements for Dev Version 2.4.5 and the migration to FreeBSD 12? If not, please do so. You can expect package problems while switching major OS releases underneath for sure.

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