• Hello,

    I have installed and configured pfsense at my work and all is working perfectly, the only problem I am facing is with iphone phones, when these phones are connected to the wifi they work normally, the moment the phone gets locked and unlocked they are not connected to the wifi and they have to re-connect again. This keeps happening when phone locks.
    All android phones aren't facing any problem.
    Could it be something miss-configured with the pfsense or something to be done with the iphone settings ?
    Your help is appreciated guys, as we have many iphone users, and I am getting complains every few minutes 🤕

    Thank you😊

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Your running wifi on pfsense? That prob not a good idea at all.. Freebsd support for wifi is HORRIBLE!!

    Or your running actual AP? If your running AP for wifi, pfsense has zero to do with clients connected or not connected to your wifi system.. Unless your running freerad on pfsense and authing with that, etc..

    Are you using say captive portal on pfsense? Which assume since your in that section - what are the details of this configuration. When you say not connected to the wifi, you mean they have to reauth to the captive portal, or they have to reauth to your wifi, etc. etc..

    Bottom line is your going to need to provide more info if you want any sort of help.

  • @johnpoz said in Issue with iphone phones only:

    what are the details of this configura

    I am running AP for wifi, but there wasn't any problem with these same AP before installing pfsense.
    And yes we're using captive portal, the wifi is open and IP addresses are listed at the allowed IP addresses section with DHCP reservations based on mac addresses.
    So they are connected without wifi password keys and without captive portal login passwords.
    When iphone unlocks it has to reconnect to the wifi, while any android phone doesn't face this issue.

  • @sam08 said in Issue with iphone phones only:

    When iphone unlocks it has to reconnect to the wifi,

    iPhone : Connect to the network ones, and then activate the "auto-connect" option.
    It will reconnect upon activation.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Yeah open networks - not normally a good idea to just auto connect to those.. Which why the auto join might not be default?

    But I just fired up a open network, connected to it on my iphone xr running 12.1.4 and it defaulted to autojoin

    I could always duplicate your setup and test.. But if the autojoin is there it should autojoin the network, etc.


    Let us know if that fixes your issue - if not will turn on captive portal, etc. and duplicate your setup to see what could be the problem.

  • Thank you guys for the help, I tried it today and it seems that it fixed the issue.
    Thanks again