How to config pfSense as OpenVPN server in DMZ?

  • It's really appreciation any kindness heart :)
    To build a OpenVPN server in a DMZ location.

    The Bell hub 2000 can't config PPPoE pass-through, so I have to put my pfsense server in DMZ, it looks firewall in DMZ is not easy to configuration, ping lost, VPN client connect to VPN server failed for types reason.


    1. change a modem that can support PPPoE pass-through, that config a PPPoE login in pfsense server, let the PFsense server do everything in this edge.
    2. setup pfsense server in the DMZ location, create s special configuration to match the OPENVPN login, OpenVPN users are connect to Lan and visit Internet from this Lan, don't ask why, it's really funny but reasonable :)

    if you have the sample or another solution for this OPENVPN, please show me, thank you!

  • @philip2019

    I'm not sure, finally it worked.
    It can't be test in the Lan inner in my situation, I can't ping my Wan public IP address from inner lan PC when it set a DMZ, I have to use another Internet connection to ping the Modem ip address. because the modem(router, Bell hub 2000), set a inner PC as DMZ, so in this pfSense server (as DMZ PC in Bell router), should allow ping in Wan interface, it's a simple firewall ruler, this help me know only another Internet connection can easy get the DMZ.

    other thing almost same with some guide in Youtube or web article, the only change is configuration will show the DMZ pfSense server Wan ip address as remote address(it also a Lan ip address), it impossible be visited for the Lan ip reason, change this IP to public IP address can be OK.