android traffic graphs

  • Hello
    When I access the interface using an android phone (6) the traffic graphs not showing the bandwidth consumption, they remain at zero. If I do the same from an iphone the graphs are displayed correctly. Both the android and the iphone have been configured exactly the same with regard to the wifi network. Any advice or solution?
    Thank you

  • Obviously it's browser-related. Try a different browser.

  • Hi KOM
    Thanks for response. I try with firefox & chrome, same result. In IOS use firefox and it works fine. I don't have a >6.0 android phone to test.

  • Hmm. Interesting that it works on one platform but not the other even though it's the same application. If your version of Android is too old, perhaps some rendering API that the browser calls is out of date or somehow causes your issue.

  • @kom Hi
    Yeah, it's a little weird, I'll look for a phone with a newer version of android and do the test. Thanks.

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