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  • My google browser use in my network was showing like this 0_1552449000789_captcha.PNG i am wondering why is this happen every time users will use google and it cant search any more since no captcha button wont show after all.

  • Well, good news then : you have a router/firewall with a tools like Status => Traffic Graph
    Or use Diagnostics => pfTop. Or Diagnostics => Packet Capture
    So, it's time to actually use all these tools ;)

    It's about finding the device that's hitting Google. When you found it, detach it from your network, and you'll be friends with Google again.

  • @Gertjan Sir here is the result of my pftop pftop.PNG I couldn't stop google from saying Captcha thanks.

  • Hummm.

    I would have quested that you would have find "Unusual traffic from your computer network" by now.
    They even explain why the Catpcha isn't shown.

    It's all about a device - or more devices that :
    "If devices on your network seem to be sending automated traffic to Google, you might see "Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network."

    So, use the tools to find out what device is hitting an IP of Google.

  • @Gertjan Thank you very much sir. I got it now

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