How to send specific traffic to WAN rather than VPN

  • Hello Experts,

    Hoping someone will be able to help me out.

    I have setup an OpenVPN with PIA using the following guide and adapting it, I have all my devices routing through my PIA VPN.

    I now have a need where I have some devices (2 laptops) that need to connect to the internet via the WAN connection and not the VPN connection (these will be connecting to a VPN client that run on the laptops).

    Could I follow the last steps in the same guide (Firewall Rule) but change the gateway to be Default or WAN instead of the VPN?


  • Yes, if you have checked "Don't pull routes" like it is shown in the tutorial, just add a firewall rule for that traffic (source = the two laptops) and leave the gateway setting at its default. Place this rule to the top of the rule set, so that it matches first.